Konzert mit Disposable, Mess Up Your DNA, Broken Compass & Killjoy

25.04.19 19:30 Uhr
Art Canrobert e.V
Karlstraße 23 (Hintereingang)
76437 Rastatt

Alternative Metal // Crossover // Funk Metal

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Disposable are a thrash / crossover / groove metal band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Since 2014, Disposable have released their debut album “At the Foot of the World” and EP “Life Misguided”.
The new album “Suffocator” will be released on April 20th 2019. Blending sounds from old school thrash and crossover with modern, melodic groove, Disposable take the dark and twisted side of things to create a positive, energetic live show. With over 100 shows in the U.K, Disposable have an experienced, gut punching live set to satisfy the needs of all who love heavy music!

Mess Up Your DNA first ever hit the stage in 2013. For the following years playing local club shows was enough, but now it’s time to release the MUYDNA to the world. Mess Up Your DNA became the relief of expressions that we cant set free. We need this.

MUYDNA is not meant to lead the future. This album is a reflection of our musical approach, the influences we have and the way we made to get to this point. This is our start. It is the foundation we will build on.

Broken Compass is a metalcore band from Freiburg, Germany, that was founded in 2013. Right from the start, the passion of performing in an emotional and powerful way during their live acts was the band’s highest goal. After several crew changes and shows in Germany as well as Switzerland, they established their name within the scene in finest DIY manner.

killjoy.ch - 450m above sea level a band meets in the Zurich underground where Jake, Max and Janic are musical Frankensteins combining divergent styles into a furious mix of music.
East bay punk collides with the tectonic plates of 70's rock and funk, forming edgy landscapes and manifesting into an earthquake of musical vibration that unleash the tsunami called... killjoy.

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